86-93 Mustang – Ford Motorsport SSC Headers – Ceramic Coated


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Fully Restored 1986-1993 Mustang Ford Motorsport SSC headers. They can be installed on all V8 mustangs from 1986-1993. These headers were originally ceramic coated but the coating had been chipped and was falling off due to age and use.  We stripped them down and had them ceramic coated again with new studs put in the flanges.  Step back in time by putting these on your Foxbody Mustang of choice.  These will also fit the 1979-1985 V8 5.0  Models if the 1986-1993 mid pipe and cat back are used.

These same headers were used on the Saleen SSC and Saleen SC models from 1989-1991 but without the Ford Motorsport badging.

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