1993 – 1995 Ford Lightning – Formula GP Shock Decals


Decals for Formula GP struts and shocks on 1993-1995 Ford Lightning Trucks. Quantity of four total. Four large decals.

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Replica decals of the Formula GP stickers that were applied to all four shocks on 1993 to 1995 Gen 1 Ford Lightning Trucks.  Ford used Formula GP units as OE for their first Generation Lightning F150 Trucks produced during this time period.  Please note that these can be applied on newer shocks to create an OE look as the Monroe Formula GP line of shocks and struts have long since been discontinued.  These decals are designed to replicate the look of the original decal. A total of four decals is included in the single purchase order.  Four large decals which are applied to the front and rear shocks.


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